About Anasazi


About Us

"Anasazi Global is an apparel design setup with women at the heart of it. With our factories in Far East manufacturing some of the industry's finest trends, and our in-house designers employing an innovative approach to match the trends, we have carved a name for ourselves in this industry. Our collections reach reputed fashion stores of UK and Europe, and win the hearts of many."

We believe that every woman is born with a grace unique to her own self. And when we design a garment, we make sure that each one adds up to that grace. We believe in long-term associations with our clients, and that keeps us getting even better.

Design Team

Anasazi has corporate offices in London, New Delhi and Dubai, and these units ensure a smooth co-ordination of ideation, production and sales. Our Designers hail from some highly regarded institutions of the fashion industry, and understand fashion inside and out.

A fair share of efforts of the technical team also goes into the job. It's only after a chain of researches, sample creations and technical evaluations that we come up with a unique garment. We take pride in the name we have carved for ourselves with unmatched expertise and dedication of our team.

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